Being a Werewolf can be a very stressful thing! About every 27 days you find yourself with uncontrollable urges, you ruin a perfectly good set of clothes, there is most certainly some sort of carnage involved, and you ultimately wake up the next morning outdoors, naked, covered in blood, and suffering from a killer migraine! Moreover, what’s a Werewolf to do to satisfy those primal cravings when it isn’t that “special time of the Lunar cycle?” Well…no worries!!! That’s why Wolfman Snax was created…a ridiculously delicious high protein snack that will appease any lycanthropic hunger!

Sir William Welles (creator of, host of This Goth Can Cook Youtube series, and also part-owner, along with his mother, of the third oldest running French restaurant in New York City, Chez Napoléon Restaurant) personally hand cuts the select beef rounds into his signature “against the grain” & “with the grain” 4 pound numbered batches. Next, he marinates the beef strips for 24 hours in his secret marinade recipe before carefully laying out the beef for the 4 hour dehydrating process. The result is nothing short of extraordinary...and do be forewarned that this beef jerky is indeed highly addictive to Lycans!!!
Wolfman Snax brand beef jerky is also proud to be a Gluten Free product as well as being devoid of any Nitrites and/or other artificial preservatives. This is beef jerky the way it was meant to be enjoyed…not like like the “meat chewing gum” type that mass produced popular brands try to pass off as jerky these days!

Whether you are a Werewolf or not, here at Wolfman Snax we hope that you try and truly enjoy our unique take on traditional beef jerky…and to FEED THE BEAST WITHIN!!!


WATCH Sir William make Wolfman Snax Beef Jerky on an episode of "This Goth Can Cook!"


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